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Wednesday, February 01, 2012


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Josh Siegel

I asked my wife recently if she would be willing to pay extra to receive a printed copy of every book she orders on her kindle.. The answer was no. She did not want them cluttering up our already crowded book shelves..

Yet, as we convince our daughter to start reading, we are introducing her through printed books

I handed her a well worn copy of a old fiction book (earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin) that I don't own for the kindle..

So, a generation from now, what form of books will she give to her children?


Josh, thanks for stopping by. I'm surprised to hear that the tactic of printed books works on your daughter considering how fascinated children are with shiny technologies and how ATTACHED they tend to be with those technologies. Either way, it's great you're getting her into reading (sounds like she's off to a fantastic start!). As for the future, I hope we keep some kind of physical book form. Who knows, though? Maybe the next step is uploading books to our brains!

Josh Siegel

Could you lend me a copy of the first harry potter on kindle? Oh wait...

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